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NBA 2K23 couldn't be more wrong about how talented these players

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Unfortunately, I couldn't be more incorrect. A number of players from the Chicago Bulls have been docked points in comparison to last year 2K MT, with nobody earning a '90' overall rating or higher.15 players from the league earned a 90 or greater, showing that the majority opinion in this league that Bulls do not have a star who can lead Chicago to a championship. In spite of Chicago's All Star pair, 2K seems overall dismissive of the talent that is on this roster.

Despite the fact Michael Jordan graces the front cover, NBA 2K23 couldn't be more wrong about how talented these players from the current Chicago Bulls are.2K has four currently Bulls players that are ranked amongst the top 100 players in the league. DeRozan and LaVine sit in the 19th as well as the 23rd places respectively, while Nikola Vucevic is ranked No. 59 and Lonzo Ball comes at the top of the list, ranked No. 73. It's a bit of a surprise that Andre Drummond is rated as the fifth-best player in Chicago and barely misses the cut.

After that, the roster's rating as a whole is the worst they've ever had. The Bulls backcourt suffers a big hit, as Alex Caruso, Coby White and Dosunmu are all downgraded one point , when all the evidence suggests they'll be at their best next season. Dosunmu's score of 76 overall is particularly troubling, considering the player just won All-Rookie accolades. Also, all-rookie second Team guard Josh Giddey posted roughly equal statistics as Dosunmu (and was outclassed by Ayo in head-to-head matches) as a starter , however he got a superior 82 overall rating.

Rookie Dalen Terry has also been given a shambolic rating of 71 overall that is lower than even the likes of ex- Bulls Matt Thomas, Denzel Valentine, Troy Brown Jr., as well as Tomas Satoransky Buy NBA 2K23 MT. Three of those players aren't even on an NBA roster while the fourth is just a minimum "prove the idea" contract and will soon join the three others if he doesn't step up to the occasion.

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